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the book


photos by Aleksey Bochkovsky

“The number of pages in this book is exactly infinite. No page is the first; none the last. I don’t know why they’re numbered in this arbitrary way. Perhaps it’s to demonstrate that an infinite series includes any number.”

The Book of Sand by Jorge Luis Borges


The Book Practice is a diary-like ongoing series of multimedia performance works initiated in 2010 and continuing to the now. This community event conceived and directed by Erika Tsimbrovsky (choreographer/interdisciplinary artist) with artists collaborators. 


Erika Tsimbrovsky & Vadim Puyandaev were awarded the Commons Curatorial Residency at SOMArts for the month of July 2011. The Book at SOMarts Cultural Center is a multidimensional, multimedia installation—reflecting the investigative process of a meditation on the inner world of the artist and the artist’s relationship with a rational society and a technological age. In The Book, artists and audience members allow their personal stories to enter the performance space, creating a collective public diary. Each performance is a random page from The Book, and each invites a different guest artist to enter the structure, created by Erika Tsimbrovsky/Avy K and collaborators, in order to destroy it and give it new life.