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Established with roots dating back to the nineties, Avy K has played its unique role in developing the improvisational multimedia and interdisciplinary dance landscape of the Bay Area/San Francisco, impacting the discourse around radical art dance fields.

Led by the artistic vision of Erika Tsimbrovsky (a choreographic artist) in collaboration with Vadim Puyandaev (a visual artist) and Others from interdisciplinary fields of art/life, Avy K curates and produces cutting-edge dance performances, exhibitions, multimedia installations, and live art that transcend the boundaries of genre, discipline, and time. 

After immigrating to the USA in 2006, Erika and Vadim created their first project in the US, entitled The Garden, in 2007. It was a multimedia-structured improvisation performed at Noh Space in San Francisco. The garden, full of faint memories, is a place where we can transcend space and time—like childhood memories that suddenly appear in dreams—and connects us to nature through highly metaphoric associations with both matter and spirit. They met Laura Maguire, a PhD in Philosophy from Stanford University, at that performance. She expressed great interest in their work and invited them to perform it at Stanford University. After that, they decided to create Avy K Productions, which was named after the unique audio-visual-kinetic approach to performance. Avy K Productions' first project was Scrap-Soup (2008), performed at Theatre Artaud in San Francisco. 

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