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photos by Elena Zhukova

Rustling Silk explores the lost civilization of the ancient nomadic horsemen. In this full evening multimedia, structured improvisation, dance, music, video, and live painting will combine to uncover our forgotten past–aggressive, violent in its logistics, and constantly moving–in an innovative and visually rich exploration of humankind’s deep roots in rootlessness.


Conceived & directed: Erika Tsimbrovsky.

Performers include: Erika Tsimbrovsky, Vadim Puyandaev, Daniel Bear Davis, Kristen Greco, Kristina Kirshner, Vitali Kononov, Mihyun Lee, and Daisy Phillips.
Live music: JeffreyAlfonsus Mooney
Video projection/photography: Said Atabekov
Lighting designer: Lucas Krech


Rustling Silk is presented as part of CounterPULSE’s Summer Special. This performance made possible by CA$H grant from Theatre Bay Area in partnership with Dancers’ Group.

Erika Tsimbrovsky on the project:


Rustling Silk was inspired by my childhood landscape: the steppe horizon, infinite line, and the immense flat territory experienced by nomads.  When I was a child I loved to go to a steppe near my house to sit and observe the monotonous, monochrome landscape with never-changing blue sky and snow mountains far away. I dreamed about my future. 


The project—an exploration of the ancient nomadic culture of inner Asia and of our deep roots in rootlessness—is socially relevant in that contemporary society has begun to redefine the meaning of “home” through technology, particularly the internet. Personally, I cannot really say that I have roots in a specific country, and for a long time I have felt ungrounded and without a true home. With technology, I have begun to feel that my sense of rootlessness is not only natural but a common phenomenon. Society's sense of roots, home, and the community has changed and we see a resurgence of the feeling of freedom, as if we were the ancient nomadic horsemen in our contemporary society.

photo by Said Atabekov


Installation (chalk drawing on paper) Rustling Silk by Vadim Puyandaev and Erika Tsimbrovsky

photo by Elena Zhukova

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