THE BOOK: CURRENT DIARY—on the materiality of asemic writing

by Erika Tsimbrovsky in collaboration with Vadim Puyandaev and Others 

I am offering an inquiry into writing-practice performances that open up toward diverse and non-normative experiences. I explore the edges of meaning-making where thoughts are becoming, being alive, but never crystallizing into concepts. With collaborators, I use various art media to investigate the potential that evolves if the body’s manifestations are present in the performance. This is an asemic process and central to the way my art practice creates narratives about ‘othered’ ways of living.

First moment to share


PFS Symposium, UC Davis, May 7th, 2021


Embodied Connections: Conceptual frame and purpose


Bodily explorations of new languages and modes of communication created by lost entities muted and unrecognized by society are always at the heart of my art dance research/practice. It has been fifteen years since I immigrated to the U.S. by way of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Kremia, and Israel. I am searching for traces of memories that stayed in my perambulatory body that took in the spirit of moving landscapes. Having been disoriented by my life’s shifting geography, I am connecting to those who, like me, were lost in between communities, places and times. The practices leave me curious about and open to experiencing the ancient, non-conventional, embodied connections on the fringe of societies that audience members bring with them. I am tracing histories of invented languages and stories through bodily practice as an interplay of Movement and Text, both verbal and visual. This experiment, in essence, investigates the space where art and theory co-exist.