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Erika Tsimbrovsky's artistic research examines the relationships of dance, visual art, and text through the emerging-shifting concept of dance-installation, "site-particular" dance, and work invested in healing and ritual that call on longer genealogies of embodied knowledge-tradition. Tsimbrovsky is interested in dance artists’ writings, looking at their essays and personal, intimate texts and focusing on dance thinkers-practitioners who rebel against conventional forms of both dance-making and text-making. Bodily explorations of new languages and modes of communication created by entities muted and unrecognized by society are the core of Tsimbrovsky's art dance research/practice. 

explores asemic writing and reading, the materiality of language, extended writing techniques, and intermedial bodily presence in writing, focusing on its corporeal dimension.

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Asemic [Essays] 

 writing-dancing-drawing notes 


The Book

The Book, a dance installation for the SOMArts gallery space, used structured improvisation to create a multimedia story-sharing where there was no boundary between artist and audience—both were empowered to share their personal stories at any moment. 


Perambulatory Body

Having been disoriented by my life’s shifting geography, I try to connect to those who were lost in between communities, places, and times. 


Multimedia dance installation 

Multimedia structured improvisation as Dance/Art Installation-Performance and Collective Experiential Scores 


Embodied Connections/Locations 

Bodily explorations of new languages and modes of communication created by  entities that are muted and unrecognized by society are always at the heart of my art dance research/practice.

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