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Your support is crucial for our new project in The Book series— Asemic Movement! With your help, we can pay for studio rehearsal and give our collaborators adequate compensation for their creative contribution. Your help can make all the difference! No amount is too small (or too great!!) All donations are fully tax-deductible.


There are many ways to support Avy K/Tsimbrovsky&Puyandaev’s creative work. All tax-deductible donations are made through our fiscal sponsor, Dancers’ Group.



To make a donation online, please visit Dancers’ Group


Checks should be made payable to our fiscal sponsor “Dancers’ Group” with “Avy K Productions” written in the memo line. Please mail checks to

P.O.Box 411072 San Francisco, CA 94141


In-kind donations (office supplies, costume materials, etc.) and volunteer support are greatly appreciated. Please contact us for information on how to donate.

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