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photos by Aleksey Bochkovsky

Scrap-Soup investigates how technology has changed what important to us in conveying information. Scrap-Soup deals with the preservation and transmission of information and draws its inspiration from the visual aesthetics of ancient manuscripts as well as from the efficiency and mass-accessibility of contemporary texts.

Conceived and directed by choreographer Erika Tsimbrovsky, Scrap-Soup is an improvised multi-media performance featuring five contemporary dancers Suzanne Lappas, Kira Kirsch, Andrew Ward, Danial Bear Davis and Erika Tsimbrovsky in collaboration with visual artist, Vadim Puyandaev, musicians Albert Mathias and Sean Feit, video artist Ruslan Belorusets, light designer Kedar Lawrence and concept-monger Laura Maguire. 

This performance has been made possible by grants from Theatre Bay Area in partnership with Dancers’ Group, Zellerbach Family Foundation, and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Kira Kirsch

Daniel Bear Davis

Suzanne Lappas

Andrew Ward

Laura Maguire

Sean Feit & Albert Mathias

Ruslan Belarusets

Erika Tsimbrovsky

Vadim Puyandaev

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