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Un-Still Life (ongoing workshop/laboratory series)

The series focuses on the connection between Dance and Visual Art by acknowledging the recent changes in the relationship between the Artist and the Audience. The workshop is offered by Erika Tsimbrovsky (a dance artist) & Vadim Puyandaev (a visual artist) of Avy K Productions.


The goal of this workshop series is to explore/consider other approaches to contemporary dance. What is the role of visual art in contemporary dance? What does it mean to choreograph from the perspective of a visual artist?  What if one choreographs for ‘open spaces’? Or, dance installations? In this series, we explore new ways of observation and perception of the dance media and its interaction/relationship with visual art. We use the principles of visual art but the tools of physical movement and improvisation. We investigate a body language in all its manifestations, and we use emotions and sensations as a raw material to build fleshy kinetic sculptures to provoke a physical and emotional response from the viewer. 


Contact Erika Tsimbrovsky for inquiries: (415) 571-0874

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