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Erika Tsimbrovsky/Avy K brings together local and international artists to create improvised multi-media performances. Erika Tsimbrovsky/Avy K signature audio-visual-kinetic approach combines contemporary dance, live painting, installation, music, and video. We employ improvisation as a means to unite artists of different media under a common theme and to achieve real communication among media, as opposed to one medium serving another.
Tsimbrovsky/Avy K’s work has strong visual elements—sets and costumes take on a life of their own, breathing and dancing with the performers as the space evolves, and visual codes spark the audience’s imagination, creating a puzzle to be solved. We use the principles of visual art but the tools of physical movement and improvisation.


Themes Tsimbrovsky/Avy K explores in its work are the presence of ancient archetypes in our urban reality, the flow of information from past centuries into our technological and mass media world, and the intersection between the rational and the intuitive within ourselves and nature.


Tsimbrovsky/Avy K premiered their work in the Bay Area with The Garden (2007), presented at Stanford University and Noh Space; Scrap Soup (2008), premiered at Theater Artaud; Nocturnal Butterflies (2009), also at Theater Artaud; Full Moon Syndrome (2010), premiered at WestWave Dance Festival; The Book (2010), a series of performances culminating in an installation-performance at SOMArts Center in July 2011; Rustling Silk (2011) presented by CounterPULSE as part of the Summer Special Program; Ir-Rational (2012) premiered at ODC Theater; The Book: ‘Page Two’ (2013) at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, this page included an installation/performance with Puyandaev’s sculptures; PSi19 at Stanford Now Then (2013); LAByrinths: audio-visual-kinetic #1 (2013) installation/performance at the Center for New Music in SF; Minotaur (2015) at NOHspace, SF; Avy K/Erika Tsimbrovsky have made a collaborative work Mutually Assured (2015) with Bay Aria choreographer Scott Wells, that was premiered at ODC Theater, SF.


Tsimbrovsky/Avy K has been awarded funding from the Stanford Arts Initiative, CA$H grant, the Lighting Artists in Dance Award, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the Guzik Foundation, and Lincoln University. Tsimbrovsky/Avy K was awarded the Commons Curatorial Residency at SOMArts Main Gallery for The Book, ongoing series installation/performance, and the Dresher Ensemble Artists Residency (DEAR) for Minotaur installation/performance, as well as the CHIME residency for Ir-Rational, a multimedia theater performance. 

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