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Full Moon Syndrome


photos by Rob Kunkle

Monday, November 8th, 8PM  at Cowell Theater Fort Mason Center, San Francisco (at Marina Blvd and Buchanan St.)

'Full Moon Syndrome' draws inspiration from the image of an angel. This image transported me to a mythological age when humans spoke, discussed, and even contested with their gods. 'Full Moon Syndrome' examines our collective memory of this primal time, present in our unconscious minds as we inhabit a technological age.

choreography by Erika Tsimbrovsky

dance by Kristina Kirshner, Liz Tenuto, Julia Hollas, Tegan Schwab, Kaitlin Parks

live music by PC Munoz (percussion) and Andy Way (vocalist/electronics )

costumes by Vadim Puyandaev (visual artist)

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