Red Wind / Ruah Aduma
The project is dedicated to a spirit of revolution and inspired by the Russian avant-garde. Red Wind continues the artists’ search for what is beyond form and what is behind the mind in a place between the sky and the earth— exploring the horizon.
Un-Still Life ongoing series 2015
audio-visual-kinetic installation/performance
Sculptures in action 2013
dancing with sculptures at Yerba Buena Center for the Art
Minotaur 2013-15
a multimedia installation - performance
Ir-Rational 2012
a multimedia improvised performance
Rustling Silk 2011
audio-visual-kinetic performance
The Book 2010-11
an audio-visual-kinetic installation/performance
Full Moon Syndrome 2010
Nocturnal Butterflies 2009
Scrap-Soup 2008
The Silence of Stones 2008
The Garden 2007
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For over twenty years, we have been conducting research on how different artistic disciplines interact within a structured improvisation. In these years of exploration, we understood that the best way of intersection between medias is improvisation because it is real communication and not one media serving the other. Most of all, we focused on how different medias can unite under one theme in an improvisation. Our work aims to achieve a dynamic equilibrium where balance is found in the shifting contradictions. Themes we explore and are most often found in our work are the presence of ancient archetypes in our urban reality; the flow of information from past centuries into our technological and mass media world; and the intersection between the rational and the irrational within ourselves and nature.

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