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my art

I'm (choreo)-a graphic artist who creates on paper, canvas, walls, floors, and other different kinds of surfaces. With twigs, pens, pastels, oil, and graphite, I (choreo)-graph, which means - dancing, writing, drawing, painting, and sculpturing processes, are all the same for me with that play with line, movement, and thinking. This bond of dance, visual art, and text (visual and oral) is present in my way of (art)dance-making starting in the 90s and rooted in art collaborations and the primer understanding of the art of dance as thinking and live process. 



Drawing on paper A4

(A)-semic notes mix technique - pastel, oil pastel, graphite, and markers  on crumpled paper A4 

This project relies on touch. It feels like drawing, writing, and dancing—all together. I'm creating piles of crumpled drawings of (a)-semic notes, bodies, and lines.



Oil and pastel on canvas 

I use bruch and twigs to write/draw (a)-semic notes on canvas. 


Temporal sculptures, installations and processes 

In this gallery, I share my sculptures and installations. My favorite materials to converse with are twigs and paper. Touch and sounds of touch are primal curiosities at the moment. I'm observing the relationship with materials, co-creators, and audience while existing in the space between art making and writing about art—the space of my art studio. 

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