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Un Still Life                                                             an audio-visual-kinetic installation/performance

Saturday, November 7 from 3 - 4 PM, 2015

Vorres Gallery 3681 Sacramento Street San Francisco, CA 94118


Avy K Productions will perform a structured improvisation, showcasing the paintings and sculpture of Vadim Puyandaev. Do stop by the gallery prior to the performance to view Puyandaev’s exhibit, “Extraordinary Essence”

'Un Still Life' short film has been selected to be featured in The RAD Fest screendance 2017 on March 11 

Minotaur                                                                an audio-visual-kinetic installation/performance

Minotaur, an audio-visual-kinetic performance
March Fri & Sat 13th, 14th at 8 pm , 2015

NOHspace 2840 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Mutually Assured

Mutually Assured (structured improvisation), a collaboration with Scott Wells(co-director)
January-February 2015

ODC Theater SF

Our recent project Ir-Rational has received awards at LiveBlessay 2013
Best Dancer (Female Duet) -- Ronja Ver
Best Dancer (Female Duet) -- Bianca Cabrera
Best Dance/Theater Director -- Erika Tsimbrovsky
Winners of 2013 San Francisco Dance Community Awards Announced

LAByrinths: Audio-Visual-Kinetic 1
Friday, 26 July, 7:30 PM @ the Center for New Music in SF 2013!
For this rare engagement, Bay Area artists Erika Tsimbrovsky (dance/movement), Vadim Puyvandaev (live painting/sculpture), and Lucas Krech (video/lighting design) join Korea-based composer Alexander Sigman for an immersive audio-visual-kinetic performance. As an installment in their evolving multimedia Minotaur project, LAByrinths integrates dance, sculpture, live painting, live video, electronics improvisation, and audio design into a continuously expanding feedback loop of intense sensory stimuli and associations.

Avy K performed the next page of The Book
March 22nd at noon at the YBCA as part of Dance Anywhere 2013. This page included a dance diary with sculptures and illustrations in the Yerba Buena Lobby Space. Each page of The Book provokes new ways of observing and perceiving dance media.

Featuring Artists: Erika Tsimbrovsky, Vadim Puyandaev, Kristen Greco, Daniel Bear Davis, Mihyun Lee, Andrew Ward, Ronja Ver, Sarah Day Hanson, PC Muñoz, Aleksey Bochkovsky and Kedar Lawrence.

The sculpture/installation by Vadim Puyandaev "Dancers" relies on the instinct of a dancing body. This sculpture-installation focuses on the elements of balance, distribution of weight, centrality, dynamics of spiraling, and the pressure present in plane surfaces.

The Book is a series of installation/performances that will never be complete, inspired by Jorge Luis Borges: "The number of pages in this book is exactly infinite. No page is the first; none the last.”

more about The Book :

Experiencing Temporality
I was the diary
I was the nocturnal butterfly
I was the note from The Book
I was the Right of Spring
I was the sacrificial dance
I was watching you….

Enjoyed “NowThen” moment by moment, 4 minutes total…quite a lot …
the Right of Spring as a diary note from The Book with Grundik (music) and Puyandaev (paper dress), Justin Hoover (curator) and 24 Artists of A Mini-Marathon of Artistic Moments PSi19at Stanford
Now Then, Performance Studies International Conference 19 at Stanford University, on June 27h, 2013.

On April 19-21 8 PM 2018, @the Joe Goode Annex SF, CA

Red Wind / Ruah Aduma is a structured improvisation combining dance, visual art, and music in a poetic abstract installation-performance.

Red Wind


Ruah Aduma

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