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I am interested in dance artists’ writings, looking at their essays and personal, intimate texts. Presently, I am focusing on dance thinkers-practitioners who rebel against conventional forms of both dance-making and text-making. My multidisciplinary artistic research concerns a variety of modes of dance artists’ writings such as performance-lectures, protest-actions in open space, ‘new narratives’ that re-memorize histories; interactive dance-archives on display in museums, and staging/installing of diary-like yet written-bodily-manifested stories. 

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My Story

This research practice explores the concept of asemic as a quality of the intersection of movement, art, and text in diary-like performances. The asemic refers to cultural ways of knowing that do not have clear semiotic meaning within empowered systems. The asemic by definition, makes space for all those whose voices have not been heard. It doesn't speak for them; it doesn't try to define their experience; it makes a space for this experience coming to being through movement. I create dance events using interdisciplinary and multimedia-embodied experiments with audience placements in space and time to examine new forms of relationships as generative of meaning-creating conversations with society. 

I’m offering an inquiry into an embodied experimental writing practice in combination with art-dance as a collective interactive score-performance-ritual Living open diary.  This practice focuses on intimacy, differences, and overlaps of times, materials, and bodies in sharing space and space as an actant that brings its different structural particularities in continual intimate immediacy of authentic conversations with materials and bodies. We will somatically explore diary-like writing with paper, twigs, and audio-recorded paper. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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