AUDIO-VISUAL-KINETIC stage performance

In 2004-5 Intersection explored interactions among dancers, musicians, and artists, particularly Peter, an artist outsider with Down Syndrome. 

    Energo-informational interaction/improvisation within a group of artists working in different styles and media with an artist outsider (a Down Syndrome artist) who, as the show progresses, was creating on stage the primitivistic portraits of audience members along the lines of Naive art.  The show was about the interfacing of two universes—the rational and intuitive—including their collisions, points of conflicts, and interactions. The show is also about the inner world of the Artist, an outsider in the world, irrational and archaic, penetration into which helps restore connections and information long lost, and helps touch the present and partake of the civilizations long gone. 

A Down Syndrome girl wrote to a Down Syndrome boy via Internet:
“And, still, they don’t understand us”

What was she trying to say?....

2005    Intersection -  International festival 100% art,  new Cameri theater, Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Avy K and Peter Chayka(Arrtist Outsider with Down Syndrome)
Live music by Slava Ganelin

2004    Intersection - Suzanne  Dellal center, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Avy K and Peter Chayka (Artist Outsider with Down Syndrome)
Live music by Seventeen Migs of Spring.

Intersection sessions

photos by Natasha Zborovskaya-Sigawi 

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